About Us


The Antenna Guys are a Geelong based business, also servicing Melbourne and surrounding areas. 

Vic Walker and his wife Teri are the proprietors of The Antenna Guys, and have over 30 years of experience as Antenna Technicians.

As a teenager, Vic first began assisting in the manufacturing and installation of Antennas for a small family business. Back then, it was enjoyable learning about Radio Waves, Antenna Design and their workings, due to the huge amount of experience and knowledge from the founding members, (many thanks to the Nicholson Family). Some 30 years on, we're still in the business and still enjoying what we do.

Vic is not one to shy away from a challenging job, particularly when told that others have tried and failed. His attention to detail and many years studying the science of Radio Frequency, leaves him with few rivals.

His knowledge and experience ensures that every job is done to the highest standard. All of our Antenna Technicians are fully trained, with endorsement from the Australian Government Endorsement Scheme. They are dedicated to good quality work, at all times.

The Antenna Guys use top quality test equipment to ensure you are getting the best possible signal to enjoy Digital TV at it's best